Krzysztof Rumanowski
Web Technologies

Mainly server and network administrator with a bit of pentesting and development experience

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Linux Server administration: 9/10

Network managment: 9/10

System and network pentesting: 7/10

HTML: 10/10

CSS: 9/10

PHP: 8/10

Git: 7/10

Bash: 8/10

C: 7/10

C++: 7/10

Databases: 8/10

Analog and radio communication: 5/10

Windows Server Administration: 5/10

Hardware repairs on many levels: 8/10

Basic info

Krzysztof Rumanowski

Rumia, Poland

Languages: Polish and English


begining - 2016 Freelancer

2016 - current Nowatel Sp. z o.o

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